We have a very simple life motto: "treat others how you would want to be treated".
It's the same for running our business. No time wasting. Friendly service. Fair pricing. Quality work.

That's what we would expect in a carpet cleaner, that's what we offer you. 

But enough business talk! Here's some random facts about our little fam:

  • We started Harbour Carpet Cleaning in 2012. It was also the year we had our third kid and started drinking coffee! 

  • Our love story began in 2001. We got married in 2006, had our daughter Ella that same year, our son Nate in 2007 and our second son Lennox in 2012. We've been happily married this whole time!

  • We're locally owned. No franchising here, just a mum and dad business teaching our kids that a good work ethic, kindness, respect, compassion and gratitude are the real keys to success. 

  • We're big dog lovers. We have a black lab called Rosie and occasionally foster dogs until they find their forever home.

  • Steve's hobbies include surfing, watching the NBA and supporting the Manly Sea Eagles. 

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