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Looking for a leather cleaning specialist in Coffs Harbour? Then call Harbour Carpet Cleaning today!

Gentle Cleaning Method 
Leather is very durable but can puncture easily if not careful. We clean your leather lounge head to toe by hand using nothing but elbow grease and quality cleaning products. You'll see immediate results from the moment we start cleaning (as shown below).

Soft and Smooth 
Just like your skin needs moisturising after a clean to prevent drying out, so does leather. We use Australia's leading name in leather conditioner to re-hydrate the leather and leave you with a lounge that feels noticeably softer and smoother. 

Protect From Further Damage
Our leather conditioner not only nourishes your leather but also provides a barrier against further re-soiling and will temporarily protect against spills. Our leather conditioner and protector will keep your lounge looking cleaner for longer but also lengthen the life of your leather furniture. 

Better Than Doing It Yourself
Leather is an animal product and as such has a unique chemical make up that can be damaged by everyday household cleaning solutions. 
Leather cleaning kits can be a time consuming affair and require a re-clean every two to three months. Our professional cleans last 18 months in comparison! Save your weekends for fun and let us do the hard work for you. 

Just Like New!
In just a couple of hours, we'll turn your tired, neglected and dirty leather lounge back into the gorgeous piece it once was. In fact, you might even discover that your lounge glows after we're done!! Look after your investment and call us today to help you maintain your leather furniture. 

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