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Frequently Asked Questions 

My carpets don't look dirty, should I wait? 
If it's been 12 months since your last clean, it's time for a professional clean. Waiting until they look dirty can actually do permanent damage and it's really what you can't see in your carpets that can hurt you and why you should have them professionally clean. 
Take one whiff of our waste tank (where all the dirty water extracted from your carpets gets collected) after a clean, even when the carpets don't look dirty, and you'll understand why a steam clean is so important. 

I'm moving out of a rental, do I need to have them professionally steam cleaned?  
Always check your lease agreement, but as a general rule it is highly recommended. Would you want to move into a property knowing that the dust in the carpets was largely comprised of a stranger's dead skin cells? As common courtesy and for health reasons, we definitely recommend having the carpets professionally cleaned upon vacating. 

I vacuum regularly, would I still benefit from a steam clean?
While regular vacuuming helps your carpets last longer, it simply isn't enough to remove all the dirt, dust and other nasties that can lurk in he deeper layers of your carpets. The power we have in our steam cleaning machine (also called a truck mount machine) is incredibly powerful compared to a normal domestic vacuum cleaner or even the portable machines you can hire from the supermarket. A steam clean provides a much deeper clean and will also kill and remove any germs that can live up to three months in your carpets. 

How long until I can walk on the carpets?
Most carpets dry within a couple of hours even in the colder months. You can speed up dry times by turning on ceiling fans or pedestal fans, opening windows and doors to get the breeze coming through or you can hire our air mover. Our dry times may be marginally more than other cleaning methods but the results will be worth it!

When should I schedule my move out clean and/or flea treatment?
We suggest booking your clean in right before you hand the keys back to your real estate so that there is no risk of re-soiling them after we're done. We should come in once the property (or carpeted rooms) are completely empty and everything but the carpets have been cleaned. If hiring a professional bond cleaner, then it is best for us to come in after they are done. If requiring a flea treatment or other pest control, then this is performed after the carpet cleaning is complete. 

What should I do prior to my steam clean? 
We have a complimentary checklist we email to all our residential or move out clients with tips on what to do before we do our steam clean.

How long does it take?
An average 3 bedroom home usually takes around an hour or so to steam clean including setting up and packing up our equipment when done. Heavily stained carpets may take a little longer. You do not have stay at the property while we clean and if you're comfortable doing so then we suggest heading out for a coffee or a spot of shopping while Steve gets to work! He can lock up when done so no need to rush home before he's finished.

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